Customs Issues

1.Large quantity of imported items leads to difficulty of accurate classification

2.Unfamiliar with the documentations.

3.Unable to guarantee the logistics time, which may lead to long-term storage and even materials deterioration. 

Our Services

1.Customized customs clearance solution

2.Sorting out the products

3.HS Code classification by professional experts

4.Shortening logistics time to ensure the timeliness

5.Label rectification service

Case 1

A client imports more than 400 items of auto parts by sea. With the pre - verification our professional team finished pre - classification and sorted out all customs declaration elements for customs declaration in advance, more than 60 items of which needed 3C Certification, Energy Efficiency Certification, Mechatronic Certificate. With the smooth  communication with client all the regulatory documents were prepared 2 days before the goods arrival. 1 day before the arrival we got the electronic shipping bill and made the customs declaration in advance. We arranged the transport on the day of the goods arrival and delivered them to designated warehouse on the next day.

With our professional services the goods arrived in time, which saved cost for the client. 

Case 2

A well-known sports goods company in Shanghai encountered the problem of unqualified label, which made the imported goods unable to be released from the customs. Oujian is the long-term partner of this company and it turned to us for advice. Relying on the sufficient business service centers and wide business fields we sorted out the label rectification plan and provided client with a systematic solution, which helped them to import the products smoothly.